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Chloe Hawes - 'Jukebox Generation' (CD)


Image of Chloe Hawes - 'Jukebox Generation' (CD)

Jukebox Generation is the second EP from Essex-born / Manchester-based singer/songwriter Chloe Hawes.

'Jukebox Generation' is laced with nostalgia and a feeling of being was born at the wrong time and perhaps in the wrong place, Across four tracks, Chloe Hawes channels Springsteen, Ryan Adams and Emmylou Harris; depicting Manchester skylines and Californian landmarks with the same smoky vocal and rose-tinted storytelling.

'Jukebox Generation' marks Chloe as one of the most exciting new artists to emerge from the UK's acoustic scene. She's an incredible talent and we're excited to have brought her into the UTB family

1. Leave You Be
2. Hand Me Over
3. Northern Skies
4. Hollywood Sign